Art by LadyZolstice

To most of you, Rudy is a tiefling scholar residing in the University of Refuge. Though he has a slightly anxious demeanor, Rudy is friendly and helpful towards newcomers, especially those who are seeking knowledge. In a slightly tipsy moment at the Fancy Feet Dance Hall, he revealed that he had very few friends growing up, and that he truly values the time you all spend with him.

To Gustav and Dex, Rudy has demonstrated some intimacy with – and some clout in – the organizational politics of the university. He helped them subvert Xanthos the Bright’s attempts to shirk his dutie, and encouraged them to name-drop him in order to do so.

At the time, it wasn’t clear why name-dropping Rudy would make anyone willing to anger the headmaster of the wizard college – and for most of you, it still isn’t clear. However, Athrendil has since learned that Rudy is actually the grandmaster of the university, and that he is merely posing as an ordinary scholar whenever he interacts with you.

He works closely with Brighid Andradite, his research assistant and closest friend – though most of you assume they are simply peers.

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