Endeios is a gargantuan ancient dragon with immense psionic powers. He has an apparent vendetta against Ondra, who imprisoned him within the northern range of Abydon’s Knuckles centuries ago, and whom he has characterized as unwilling to “share” the Saltlands. He seems to regard the region as his territory and has expressed a desire to “bring this little sliver of land to heel.”


According to local legend, Endeios was a tiefling sorceror who reversed the Crystal Run hundreds of years ago, and thus more or less created the Saltlands as it is known today. The myth typically portrays Endeios as in love with Ondra, reversing the river in order to bring her closer to him.

Vigil revealed to you that Endeios not only existed, but was actually a dragon of immense power. According to her, his reversal of the Crystal Run was part of a large-scale conflict with Ondra. The distortion of his history is due to the direct interference of Vigil’s religious order, which was tasked with keeping his existence and imprisonment a secret from future generations.


When you encountered Endeios in the mountains, he spoke to you telepathically. This telepathic speech was accompanied by an intense droning noise that seemed to thrum inside your skull.

Endeios claims that prolonged exposure to his psionic powers can degrade the faculties of those around him. Vigil characterized this process as being similar in effect to the Feeblemind spell.

According to Vigil, Endeios is empowered by belief. It is unclear how this works, or whether it is true.


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