Brighid Andradite

Art by hyperbali

Brighid Andradite is a dwarf scholar residing in the University of Refuge. Reticent and standoffish, Brighid doesn’t generally make time for outsiders to the college – though she makes some time for you at Rudy’s behest. Recently, you allowed her to send the meteoric iron you recovered to some colleagues in Abydon’s Forge, and you are waiting to hear the results.

Brighid is Rudy’s research assistant, though most of you assume she is simply his peer – but more importantly, Brighid is also Rudy’s best and oldest friend, and she is very protective of him. She has begun subjecting all of you to slightly more scrutiny (and Athrendil to slightly more overt hostility) since Athrendil’s discovery of Rudy’s true identity.

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Brighid Andradite

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